Luxury Rehab for Riviera Beach Residents

Luxury Rehab for Riviera Beach Residents

It’s easy to think of rehab as place where one can get hospital-type care, without all of the pleasantries that life has to offer. While a clinical approach to treatment is needed through the use of evidence-based therapies, it’s possible to receive this care in a holiday resort-like setting. Legacy Healing Center’s luxury rehab near Riviera Beach, FL, offers clients the quality addiction treatment that adheres to the best-known principals of effective treatment, but in a luxury environment that is geared toward providing an optimal healing space. 

The Legacy Healing Center’s luxury rehab in South Florida is a treatment center where you can take advantage of the high-quality evidence-based treatments that we’ve been awarded the Gold Seal of Approval for by the non-profit organization that oversees accreditation in the United States – The Joint Commission. 

A luxury rehab center is not only just about comfort, it’s about being able to provide the best possible holistic treatments in a personalized manner that can improve the positive outcome of clinical treatment for addiction. We are able to provide such personalized care due to our excellent staff-to-patient ratio, allowing our talented healthcare professionals to dedicate more time to each patient.

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What is Luxury Rehab?

A luxury rehab is treatment facility for alcohol and drug addiction that provides more than just evidence-based treatment methods; it also provides the amenities and luxuries that you’d expect when visiting a holiday resort. 

Rehab is largely about assisting with the healing process. As such, a rehab that is able to provide a luxury, therapeutic environment to conduct addiction treatment in can achieve greater success with its patients. In this sense, the same rejuvenating experience that a holiday can give a person can become a benefit to someone in recovery. 

What a luxury rehab has can be distinguished from other standard rehabs by its luxury housing, pristine treatment and common room areas, and the various amenities they offer patients. It can also be distinguished from standard rehab programs by the range of treatment services they offer, such as alternative healing programs and a holistic approach to recovery which examines all of the important areas in a person’s life to help them beat addiction in the long term.

Through our luxury rehab near Riviera Beach, you can also expect a high level of privacy and a staff-to-patient ratio that allows for more attentive care to be given to each patient.

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Who is Luxury Rehab For?

Drug and alcohol addiction can affect high level executives in the same way that it can affect someone from another walk of life. It is a mental disorder that can have many causes. So, who is our luxury rehab for?

Our luxury rehab can be for any high-level executive or professional that is struggling to beat an addiction to alcohol or drugs. It can also be for someone with the means to choose a luxury facility over a standard rehab program to treat their addiction professionally. 

Do Luxury Rehab Centers Have Private Rooms?

At our luxury rehab in South Florida, we provide clients with an option to have their own private rooms to live in while they complete their 30-, 60-, or 90-day drug rehab program. 

Our rooms are furnished with many of the luxuries you’d expect to see at a holiday resort, such as HD TVs and high thread count bed sheets, with enough space to get comfortable during the sometimes-long rehab stay. The privacy that the rooms provide can be an asset to someone who is recovering from a harrowing addiction, giving them a quiet space they need to collect themselves after each day.

Do Luxury Rehabs Have On-Site Chefs?

The side effects of many drugs and even alcohol can have a serious impact on one’s nutrition. Malnutrition is common among addicts due to poor eating habits and the appetite suppressing qualities that drugs such as meth have. 

Holistic healing is about treating all of the needs of a patient, and one of those needs is eating healthy foods to assist the body with physical healing. At our luxury rehab near Riviera Beach, we have skilled on-site chefs that prepare the meals and snacks that you might enjoy during your stay at our residential rehab facility. Not only are our on-site chefs talented at creating delicious meals, but we use only the best ingredients including organic produce. 

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Do Luxury Rehabs Offer Personal Trainers?

Exercise is often the last thing on the mind of a person who is dedicating their time to substance abuse. Of course, exercise in recovery from an addiction can be help to repair the body and strengthen it for the recovery ahead, but there are more benefits to exercise in addiction recovery. 

Our rehab facility near Riviera Beach will give you access to a personal trainer during your treatment program because exercise can improve one’s overall mood, which is often down due to withdrawal and post-acute withdrawal syndrome. It is also known to help manage cravings that come from time to time. Cravings tend to last for roughly 30 minutes, and spending that time doing exercise with your trainer can help to reduce cravings. 

Exercise can also be an effective way to manage chronic pain. In patients with an addiction to opioids for example, they often experience rebound pain after stopping, and exercise can help to manage their pain without any medication, making it sustainable. 

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