Prescription Drug Rehab for Riviera Beach Residents

Prescription Drug Rehab for Riviera Beach Residents

Prescription medication, or RX drugs, can only be sold via a healthcare professional’s medical approval. This is because while RX drugs have an obvious medical benefit, they also possess many qualities that make them easily abused; the “high” they induce when taken in non-medical amounts and their addictive properties. Generally, a prescription runs out before a person can become addicted, but when an addiction forms, then our prescription drug rehab in South Florida, can provide specialized treatment that is perfect for overcoming an RX drug addiction. 

The scope of prescription drug abuse in the United States is staggering; it is estimated that every day, another 5,480 people will abuse RX drugs for the first time. Past-year prescription drug abuse in 2017 was estimated to include 6 percent of people over the age of 12, or 18 million people. 

RX drugs that are abused for the effects they produce in higher quantities include opioid pain pills, stimulants, and tranquilizers or CNS depressants. Opioids are the most abused RX drug with 2 million people misusing it for the first time in 2017, followed by 1.5 million people misusing prescription stimulants in the same year for the first time, and finally, 271,000 people tried CNS depressants for the first time recreationally in 2017.

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Rx Rehab for Riviera Beach Residents

In order to provide effective treatment for RX drug addiction, our prescription drug rehab will perform an assessment upon intake into one of our inpatient or outpatient programs. Through the understanding of the addiction situation and all of the elements that may contribute to it, our practitioners will formulate a tailor-made addiction treatment plan.

Our RX drug rehab is focused on providing holistic treatment. This means that we perform evidence-based therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) while also offering other treatment programs to help deal with all of the patient’s recovery needs. For example, co-occurring disorders is a common cause of addiction; an untreated mental health disorder such as bi-polar might prompt to abuse of stimulants or opioids so that the symptoms of bi-polar can be managed, albeit poorly and unsustainably. 

If a patient is found to suffer from an untreated mental disorder when admitted for addiction treatment, known as dual diagnosis, then both conditions must be treated simultaneously to prevent the untreated symptoms of their condition leading to more substance abuse. 

Our prescription drug rehab also has ways to help a patient suffering from opioid, stimulant, or depressant withdrawal to overcome the many uncomfortable symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, stomach cramps, and depression to name a few. 

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Understanding Signs of Rx Addiction

One of the ways that someone can see the need for prescription drug rehab for themselves or a loved one is by noticing the physical and mental side effects of RX addiction. As a person becomes addicted to opioids, they will experience a tolerance increase, cravings, constipation, diarrhea, and anxiety among other symptoms when they haven’t had a dose recently. 

A person addicted to stimulants will exhibited symptoms such as depression, insomnia, body aches, mood swings, nightmares, and fatigue among other symptoms when a dose hasn’t been taken recently. CNS depressant addiction can be categorized by withdrawal symptoms such as seizures, hallucinations, insomnia, anxiety, and agitation among other symptoms.

There are also general behavioral signs that one might notice when someone is addicted to RX drugs. The person may have strange sleeping schedules, see several doctors and fake or exaggerate their symptoms to get more prescription drugs, have poor decision-making skills, oscillate between high energy states and depressed or anxious states, and they may “lose” their prescriptions or steal prescriptions from others.

Why Rx Addiction is on the Rise

The widespread abuse of RX drugs in the United States can be attributed to the readily available nature of prescription drugs. A person may exhibit the bare minimum symptoms that could warrant the use of RX drugs, and then be given a full prescription. There are several reasons for this including a lack of addiction science training for healthcare professionals, and financial incentives that are given by pharmaceutical companies to sell their brand of RX drugs. 

The Most Abused Rx Medications

The addictions that we frequently treat at our prescription drug rehab are to brand names of drugs such as Percocet, Oxycodone, and OxyContin for opioids. Prescription stimulants that are most-often abused include medications such as Adderall XR, Ritalin, Dexedrine, Concerta, and Mydayis. In the CNS depressant or sedative category, the most abused RX drugs include names such as Ambien, Xanax, and Valium.


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Dangers of Rx Addiction

As we explored earlier, the reason why RX drugs require a prescription is because they can be dangerous if controlled amounts are not taken. When people abuse prescription medication, especially after building a tolerance which forces them to take high quantities of a drug, then it is possible to overdose and die. Stimulants, sedatives, and opioids all carry an overdose risk. 

There are also long-term negative effects of abusing RX medications that increase the more a person abuses such drugs. Of course, there are the many common problems that addicts face such as relationship problems, legal issues, being fired, and mental and physical health problems. 

Furthermore, since prescriptions can become difficult to obtain eventually, a person with a physical dependence and addiction to RX drugs might turn to illegal street drug alternatives to satisfy their cravings. Such street drugs may contain any number of harmful substances including dangerous additives such as fentanyl, which can be deadly. 

Sober-Friendly Attractions near Riviera Beach

Once you’ve decided to use our prescription drug rehab in South Florida, there are many drug-free activities that one might enjoy in the Riviera Beach area. Popular attractions include beaches such as the Riviera Municipal Beach, Ocean Reef Park, and the beautiful Peanut Island Park. If you’d like to grab a bite to eat, then dine at restaurants such as Guakamoles Mexican Grille and Café, 3800 Ocean, and Ceviche Arigato. 

Don’t hesitate to get help for an RX drug addiction – whether it’s for yourself or a loved one. Give Legacy Healing Center a call today at (888) 534-2295 and we can help you get the treatment needed.

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