What is Rehab Like?

What is Rehab Like?

Being addicted to drugs or alcohol is a harrowing experience to say the least. As the disease progresses, all of the previously important areas of one’s life can be negatively affected, leading to possible loss of employment, family problems, legal issues, and physical health and mental wellness problems. When a person living in Palm Beach County considers getting professional help for their addiction, one of the first questions they may have is “what is rehab like?” 

While every rehab may offer a different overall experience, our Legacy Healing Center rehab in South Florida, offers a truly healing experience that incorporates all of the best holistic healing and therapies that are available for the treatment of addiction. 

We understand that through the course of an addiction, an addict’s life may be turned upside down and they are no longer the type of person they want to be. As such, we have created an ideal healing and therapeutic environment that can provide the foundation for a full recovery from substance use disorder.

Legacy Healing Center has highly favorable patient-to-staff ratios, and all of our hand-picked staff share a compassionate view of their work, striving to provide our clients with the support they require while providing our high quality, accredited treatment programs. To be able to better answer the question “what is rehab like?”, we will explore the different types of therapies and holistic healing programs that we offer at our rehab facility.

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What Do You Do During Rehab?

Addiction is understood to be a mental disorder, which is outlined in the DSM-5. Since there isn’t a cure for the disease, the purpose of rehab is to help manage the symptoms of the disease in order to bring about profound change in the person’s behavior and quality of life. Ultimately, rehab offers addicts the tools they need to finally gain control of their addiction and to not have to abuse drugs or alcohol again. 

So, what is rehab like? The treatment programs that you can expect at Legacy Healing Center are the best-known treatments for addiction according to research and results; behavioral therapy such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, process therapy, motivation enhancement therapy, family therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and solution focused therapy among others. 

We also incorporate a holistic approach to treatment in an effort to treat the client through a whole-patient approach. Physical health and wellness programs such as exercise with a personal trainer and healthy nutrition are important elements of healing. Other aspects are also explored, such as through career counseling. 

What is rehab like on the first day? When clients first enter through our doors, they will go through an assessment. The purpose of this assessment is to help our practitioners figure out the best way to treat the individual by examining the severity of their addiction, the type of substances that were abused, their medical history, history of addiction, their career, and family dynamics among other things. 

The first treatment program is usually a medical detox. A medically assisted detox is a program whereby medications are used to ease and manage the symptoms of withdrawal, which would otherwise be severe and difficult to get through. 

After detox, the therapy and holistic healing programs begin. The majority of a person’s 30-, 60-, or 90-day rehab will be spent in these programs to help overcome the addiction and heal in order to achieve long-term sobriety. 

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What Does the Average Day Look Like While in Rehab?

What is rehab like as a residential patient? An average day for a patient in our residential or inpatient programs will start by waking up in a private, furnished room. You will take time to prepare for the day ahead by washing up and tidying your room before heading to breakfast.

Our meals are prepared by our talented on-site chefs, and have all of the makings of a healthy, nutritious breakfast including organic foods that are ideal for healing. After having breakfast, the various activities and therapies that have been planned for you will start. You can expect some of the programs to be with other people, such as group therapy, while other programs might be just you and your healthcare professional. 

By the end of the day after having a delicious dinner, you will be able to relax and consider the events of the day before going to sleep in preparation for the next day of healing.

Group Therapy

Group therapy has been found to be a very successful way to treat addicts in recovery because several people with the same or similar experiences and health issues can benefit from being treated together. There tends to be recovering people in all of the various stages of their recovery that can share their experiences and what they’ve learned. Peer learning can be a powerful tool for a recovering addict. 

A therapist, or possibly more than one, will guide the group therapy session to maximize the benefit that each person can get from treatment. 

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One-On-One Therapy

What is rehab like in terms of individual treatment? There are many aspects of a person’s history of substance abuse that can be difficult to speak about and work through. In one-on-one therapy, it gives a recovering person a chance to have private treatment with a compassionate professional to be able to work through many of the more intense problems that a person might have.

Sober-Friendly Attractions near Riviera Beach

As a patient in our residential rehab facility, your free time might be spent at many of the sober-friendly activities that Riviera Beach, FL, offers. Popular beaches in the area includes Ocean Reef Park, City Beach, and Peanut Island Park. Alternatively, enjoy the gentle giants at the Manatee Lagoon, or spend the day driving around on a Segway with Palm Beach Segway Tours. 

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