Opioid Rehab for Tampa Residents

Entering into Opioid Rehab for Tampa Residents

The opioid epidemic that has hit the United States is the worst wave of substance abuse that has affected the country in recent years. As the loss of life continues to rise, people are seeking treatment at certified rehab centers that are able to effectively treat their addiction. At our opioid rehab, we provide the best of the evidence-based therapeutic treatments that can help to stop the abuse of opioid pain relievers and heroin and improve the addict’s quality of life.


The misuse and abuse of opioids is a serious concern, and anyone affected by a dependence on the drug should seek immediate help at our opioid rehab. Here you will find a host of behavioral therapies, holistic healing, and other effective methods of helping a person to control and ultimately beat their addiction.

Opioid Epidemic

In 2017, President Trump deemed it necessary to declare the opioid epidemic to be a national health emergency. Since then, great efforts have been made to further the research into fighting an addiction to opioids, improving the data tracking of the opioid crisis, reducing the number of opioids that are prescribed, actively looking for alternative medications, and helping the people who are suffering from the crisis through evidence-based treatment programs.

In 2017, roughly 68 percent of the more than 70,000 drug overdose deaths were linked to the abuse of opioid pain relievers. The CDC estimates that every day, the opioid epidemic claims an additional 130 American lives. From 1999 to 2017, the number of people who lost their lives to opioids, including prescription opioids and heroin, rose by more than six times.

Without an active effort to control the sale of opioids, both legal and illegal, education on opioid addiction, and the efforts of rehabs such as Legacy Healing Center to treat those who are affected, the situation can only become worse.

History of Opioid Addiction

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the opioid abuse problem happened in three major waves. The first wave began in the 1990s as prescription opioids were being sold in greater numbers to people for mild to severe pain. In this time, the opioid overdose cases began to rise steadily.

The second wave in the opioid epidemic began in 2010. In this wave, the effects of greater control over the sale of opioids resulted in an increase in heroin abuse. Heroin abuse led to the second wave of opioid-related deaths.


By 2013, the third wave of the opioid epidemic began. It is by far the worst of the waves of the epidemic as it saw the most powerful opioid, fentanyl, enter the market. Fentanyl is as much as 100 times more potent than morphine, and 50 times more powerful than heroin. One of the problems with the drug is that it is cheap to produce and it is often added by unscrupulous drug dealers to other drugs as a way to increase potency for as cheap as possible.

Since fentanyl is such a powerful opioid, it has been the main culprit in the recent opioid overdose deaths in the United States and continues to be a serious concern as the opioid epidemic evolves.

How to Detox from Opioids

One of the reasons why opioid abuse is so hard to stop is due to the withdrawal symptoms that set in shortly after the last dose that a person has. Withdrawal symptoms are a sign that a substance dependence has formed, and physical dependence to opioids can form in a relatively short time, which is why prescriptions tend to be for a short time only.

The common effects of opioid withdrawal include symptoms such as abdominal cramping, general discomfort, anxiety, restlessness, intense cravings, pain in the muscles, diarrhea, vomiting, insomnia, tremors, and excessive yawning. Some symptoms may be mild while others are more severe.

In order to assist patients in our opioid rehab, we provide around-the-clock medical care during the detox process, as well as providing medications that can help to ease their discomfort and manage their symptoms. Overall, the intense flu-like symptoms can be much easier to overcome in a medical detox program.

Moreover, since the person will stay at our opioid rehab during their detox, there isn’t a risk of relapse because they have no access to opioids in our partial hospitalization program.

What Opioid Rehab is Like?

At our opioid rehab in South Florida, we have hand-picked the best healthcare professionals who have a combined 150 years of addiction treatment experience. The programs that we use to treat an opioid addiction are based on the best proven methods of treating an addiction to opioids, such as behavioral therapy, holistic healing, family therapy, and the use of medication.

Before treatment starts, we perform a thorough assessment of each patient. We do this to ensure that every person receives a personalized treatment program, which is one of the principals of effective treatment. From here, the optimal treatment plan is established and treatment can begin.


The addict then enters a medical detox program to help them through the early stages of withdrawal in a safe, comfortable manner. Following detox, therapy then takes place. Therapy is vital in treating an addiction because it explores and treats the causes of addiction, such as co-occurring mental disorders and problematic behavior.

The entire experience at our luxury rehab in South Florida is therapeutic because we have created a luxury, healing environment that caters to every need a patient has in recovery. We are passionate about what we do, and our staff will offer their support in every way that they can.

Sober Friendly Attractions near Tampa

Tampa, FL, is perhaps one of the best places in the country to begin your recovery journey. It is host to famous people like Hulk Hogan and Stephan King, and beautiful white-sandy beaches such as the Davis Island Beach, Ben T. Davis Beach, and Fred Howard Park. Sports fans might enjoy a local game by the Tampa Tarpons, Tampa Bay Rays, or the Tampa Bay Vipers.

Whether you’re seeking help for a loved one or for yourself, we can help you to beat an addiction to opioids at our opioid rehab in South Florida. Get in touch with us today to be able to start your recovery from substance abuse.

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