Faith-Based Drug Rehab for Trenton, NJ Residents

Christian Drug Rehab for Trenton Residents

As you begin to take steps to get sober and live a healthier life, you may start to notice that there are certain details of your life that seem out of place. While you are in recovery, you may want to reconnect with people you fell out of touch with due to your addiction. Additionally, you may feel as though you want to take steps to explore your spirituality. At Legacy Healing Center in South Florida, we wholeheartedly encourage our clients to pursue their Christianity interests. Our team in Trenton NJ will go above and beyond to provide you with the encouragement and support you need to reestablish your relationship with God.

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How Are Faith-Based Rehabs Different?

When you come to Legacy Healing Center for treatment, we never want you to feel like you need to hide anything. One of the pitfalls of addiction is that a person struggling with addiction thinks they must keep every detail about themselves hidden. If you are interested in learning more about your spirituality, we encourage you to share your feelings.

You will have the opportunity to share about yourself while participating in various forms of therapy. One of the primary forms of therapy that you will take part in is group therapy. During these sessions, you can begin to share more about yourself by participating in various guided conversations with a member of our team and different people in your group. This process is an excellent opportunity to begin to make connections with other people at our facility that may also be coming to their own spiritual awakening.

Individual therapy can also help you to expand your understanding of your faith. We encourage you to talk to us about what you are thinking and feeling when it comes to religion and continue to share your experiences during the time you were in addiction to help you overcome your traumas.

Call Legacy Healing Center 24/7 to speak with an intake specialist. Calls are completely confidential.

What Does the Bible Say About Addiction?

Without question, the Bible is the most essential book associated with the Christian religion. The Bible is viewed as the word of God directly to those who follow Him. The Bible touches on a variety of various topics. Although it does not explicitly talk about addiction to drugs, the Bible does discuss addiction as well as the mistake of putting anything or substance before God.

The verse’ 1 John 2:16′ states, “For all that [is] in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not the Father, but is of the world.”

Drugs, alcohol, and other addictive substances do not come from God and will only continue to harm your relationship with God when you continue to use them.

The verse ‘James 4:7’ gives you the peace of mind of knowing that God will always be there for you when you need him to be. This passage provides the calming words, “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you”.

When you trust in God, even during difficult times, you can rest assured that He will always be there for you when you need Him to be. Additionally, you can always count on the Legacy Healing Center team to provide you with the spiritual direction you need during this critical part of your life.

Call Legacy Healing Center 24/7 to speak with an intake specialist. Calls are completely confidential.
Sober Friendly Attractions Near Trenton

When you return home to Trenton, New Jersey, you will likely be eager to continue down the path of learning more about your growing religious interests. Although we will always encourage you to continue growing and developing in your spirituality, you should always focus on locating 12-step meetings that are local to your area. Taking this step will help keep you centered in terms of what you need to do to maintain your sobriety and help you develop your own system of support, which can also help you grow in your spirituality. From there, you can begin to make plans to visit some of the religious attractions throughout the Trenton area.

Sacred Heart Church

The Sacred Heart Church is a stunning example of one of the numerous Catholic churches in the Trenton area. This church provides the community with access to mass on an almost daily basis around lunchtime and several masses for followers on the weekend. If you are interested in registering for this church, a friendly member of their welcoming staff will be happy to assist you or answer any of your questions.

343 S. Broad Street, Trenton, New Jersey 08608

Sayen Park Botanical Garden

Sometimes getting a breath of fresh air and relaxing your thoughts can help you feel closer to God. A beautiful nearby outdoor venue that you may want to consider visiting is the Sayen Park Botanical Garden. This location is open throughout the year; however, the most popular time to visit is during the spring when the flowers and the trees are in full bloom.

155 Hughes Drive, Hamilton Square, New Jersey 08690

Trenton Free Public Library

If you are the type of person that learns better about your interests through reading, you should consider registering for a library card at the Trenton Free Public Library. Any resident of Trenton is eligible for a free library card that can unlock a plethora of information. The library is open six days a week and also features access to computers and other resource materials.

120 Academy Street, Trenton, NJ 08608

When you are ready to overcome your addiction to drugs and further develop your relationship with God, the Legacy Healing Center team is here to help you. We will provide not only the support but also the resources that you need to accomplish your goals regarding your sobriety and your connection with God. The first step that you need to take is to speak to one of our recovery specialists. Please reach out to us today.

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Absolutely beautiful! Staff is so caring and welcoming. Highly recommend to anyone who is struggling and looking to heal. This is the place for you!

Jacqueline C.

Honestly, it's not what you imagine when thinking "detox." Legacy made my experience so comfortable from beds, food, staff and such a clean facility. Besides all that they literally gave me life back. Forever thankful.

Avi S.

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