Faith Based Drug Rehab for West Palm Beach Residents

Faith During Rehab for West Palm Beach Residents

The success of programs such as the 12-step fellowship lies in the approach that it takes with addiction treatment. It is believed that alcohol and drug abuse is caused by the absence of God in a person’s life and that their desire to abuse substances is really a desire for faith in God, and His love. The obvious success of programs such as the 12-step program and the desire that people have to renew their faith following an addiction is the reason why our faith-based drug rehab is so successful.

Addiction recovery is about healing physically and mentally, but it is also about faith and replacing substance abuse with a higher purpose. A spiritual foundation can help to create a solid foundation for an addict’s future in recovery, and help them to remain clean and sober when faced with the challenges that life presents.

While spirituality is important in our faith-based drug rehab, it doesn’t take away from the evidence-based and practical approaches to addiction treatment that is proven to help addicts maintain their sobriety. As such, behavioral therapy and a whole-patient approach to recovery are adopted together with a focus on faith-based programs.

Christian Drug Rehab for West Palm Beach Residents

One of the unique challenges that Christians face in recovery is the guilt and disappointment that they feel because they might feel as if they let God down by turning to substance abuse. These are valid emotions that should be addressed in recovery in order to strengthen and renew their relationship with God.

Renewed faith in recovery can be a powerful motivator for recovery, and it can give someone in our faith-based drug rehab the strength they need to beat an addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Of course, recovering addicts who want to renew their faith during rehab are not usually alone; there are often several people who feel the same way, and we provide them with a group setting where together, healing can take place. We also provide our clients with individual sessions with understanding practitioners who share the same beliefs in order to help guide our patients back in the loving embrace that God can give.

How Are Faith Based Rehabs Different?

The main difference between our faith-based drug rehab and a standard rehab program is that spiritual principals are incorporated as a significant focus of treatment. Instead of just looking at your behavior and coping skills among other aspects of normal treatment, your relationship with a Higher Power becomes a crucial aspect of your recovery.

There is a special time dedicated to both the worship of God or a higher power and in connecting with other people who are going down the same path to healing. By filling the void that substance abuse tries to negate with faith in a higher power, our clients can find a new sense of worth and wellbeing that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to achieve in a normal treatment program as a person of faith.

Furthermore, once a recovering addict that went through our faith-based drug rehab is ready to leave the program, the way in which they maintain their recovery will also differ from other recovering addicts.

Spiritual support groups for addiction have the same goal as other types of support groups and sober communities, but they instead focus on the power of faith and use their belief and relationship with a higher power to help them through trying times in their future. Faith can be a crucial factor in maintaining one’s abstinence in recovery from alcohol and drug addictions.

What Does the Bible Say About Addiction?

The bible supports many of the beliefs that faith-based addiction treatment has. For example, in Corinthians 10:13, the bible talks about how God will not give you a challenge that is beyond your ability to overcome. In this sense, addiction is just a way for you to grow and improve yourself and your faith in God. God will provide you with the means of enduring and overcoming temptation.

In Peter 5:10, the bible talks about how you may suffer for a time, such as during an addiction, but by the grace of God, you will be restored, strengthened, and established again.

In James 4:7, the bible reaffirms some of the ideas that the 12-step program has, which is to surrender and submit to God in the same way that one should admit that you are powerless to control addiction and that God must guide you to a new way of life. Doing so, and resisting the temptations of the devil, will make the devil and his evil flee from you.

These verses of the bible remind the faithful that while addiction may be a negative experience, through faith in God, one can find the strength to beat it and to ultimately be better for it.

Sober-Friendly Attractions near West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is home to many places of worship. Some of the churches that one can visit and worship in West Palm Beach include the Bethesda-by-the-Sea Church, Christ Fellowship, Family Church Downtown, and Bridge Church.

Natural beauty can also be found in the many sober-friendly attractions in the area, including white, sandy beaches such as Oceanfront Park Beach, Peanut Island, Ocean Reef Park, and John D. MacArthur Beach State Park. Or you can enjoy a gentle stroll down Clematis Street where many of the popular restaurants are located.

Some of the famous people who have luxurious homes in the area include Bill Gates, Tiger Woods, and Jimmy Buffet.

Contact us today to find out exactly how our faith-based drug rehab in South Florida can help your faith in God flourish again, and assist you through in your recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

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