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Luxury Addiction Treatment Center for Miami Residents

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Luxury Addiction Treatment for Miami Residents

An addiction to drugs or alcohol is something that can put your growth and development at a standstill. Whereas you may have been steadily climbing the corporate ladder in your industry, when your addiction takes over, you suddenly find yourself falling backward in ways that you never thought were possible. Addiction can also take a heavy toll on the relationships that you have with your friends and family members. When you work with the Legacy Healing Center team, you have the opportunity to change your life and remove addiction from it once and for all. Better yet, you will be surrounded by an abundance of luxurious amenities that can help you to feel at ease along the way. Reach out to Legacy today for luxury addiction treatment for Miami residents.

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How Luxury Addiction Treatment Differs from Traditional Treatment

There are many people that shy away from committing to an addiction treatment plan because they believe that they will feel so uncomfortable in their surroundings that there will be no possible way for them to truly focus on their recovery. Luxury addiction treatment provides you with a safe and comfortable environment where you can take the time that you need to heal with the peace of mind of knowing

Drug and Alcohol Luxury Addiction Treatment

Addiction comes in a variety of shapes and forms. There are countless Miami residents that struggle with an addiction to drugs on a daily basis while there are many others that suffer from an addiction to alcohol. We believe that every person needs and deserves a personalized approach when it comes to addressing their addiction. Not only that, but they need to be surrounded by a team of addiction experts in a calming environment that is conducive to recovery. Regardless of whether you decide to commit to an inpatient or an outpatient program, that is exactly what you will find when you come to Legacy.

Luxury Addiction Treatment Amenities

At Legacy Healing Center, we offer an abundance of luxurious amenities that you can take advantage of when you come to our treatment facility such as:

  • Chefs that will provide you with options for healthy and nutritious food
  • Personal trainers
  • Career management
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Sober friendly outings

Does Insurance Cover Luxury Addiction Treatment?

One of the questions that our intake team typically fields revolves around whether or not luxury rehab is covered through their insurance provider. The answer to this question is specific to the type of insurance that you have, however, in most cases a percentage if not all of your stay in treatment may be covered by your insurance. It’s important that you learn more about the terms of your coverage. There are some insurance providers that will only cover a certain number of days in treatment while there are many others that will cover your time in an inpatient or an outpatient program but will not cover your time in detox. If you need help in cutting through any of the red tapes that often come hand-in-hand with insurance companies, just let us know and we would be happy to assist.

Why Miami Residents Choose Legacy Addiction Treatment

Legacy Healing Center is known throughout the Miami area as providing nothing short of the best option for luxury rehab treatment. The team at our luxury addiction treatment center will provide you with the quality level of care that you need and deserve during this stage of your recovery. Our intake team will take the time to learn more about you and the goals that you have for your recovery so that you can make the most out of your time with us. For more information about Legacy, please give us a call at 888.511.8676.