Marijuana Poisoning in Dogs

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As marijuana legalization has transpired in numerous parts of the country, challenges and questions have arisen as people adjust to their newfound freedom. While many can now legally own, use, and even grow their own cannabis, some would not stop to think about the risks this can pose to our furry friends. Our Pompano rehab is looking at instances of marijuana poisoning in dogs and how to handle such a scenario.

Is Weed Bad for Dogs?

While death is unlikely, marijuana is still not safe for pups to consume. Numerous factors can play a role in how much a pooch is affected. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, is considered a toxin for canines. Animals are much more sensitive to the intoxicating effects of this drug, meaning it will take far less of it to produce signs of marijuana toxicity in dogs.

Even though it would take a significant amount of pot to end a pup’s life, it can still cause distressing symptoms for the animal. As the understanding of marijuana’s medicinal benefits for humans is studied, self-medicating your pet, especially on purpose, is highly discouraged. 

Can Dogs Get High?

It is just as, if not more, likely that a dog can get high after ingesting cannabis than if a human were to consume it. If you found that your dog ate edibles or flowers that were intended for personal use, there are certain symptoms that may signal how severe their reaction is. 

Behaviors of dogs that are high include:

  • Pupil dilation
  • Lethargy
  • Inability to control their bladder
  • Stumbling or acting “drunk”
  • Agitation 
  • A noticeably low heart rate

More serious marijuana poisoning in dogs can occur from them eating a larger amount or higher concentration of the substance. Noticeable symptoms of this can include seizures, coma, vomiting, and an intensified response to light or sounds. 

If you determine that your dog has eaten cannabis, call your vet and see what they suggest. In most cases, veterinarians will advise keeping the dog relaxed and hydrated while monitoring for adverse effects. Still, the situation should lead a person to reevaluate how they store their pot, ensuring that their animal won’t be at risk for poisoning themselves in the future. Some symptoms can present themselves even 3 to 4 days after eating the cannabis. This is because THC is stored in a dog’s fat, making it take longer for the substance to fully metabolize.

Our South Florida Rehab Is Here for Support

Marijuana, like many substances, can become addictive at a certain point. If you are struggling with any kind of substance use disorder that is affecting your ability to care for your pets or loved ones, professional treatment may be needed. Legacy offers South Florida addiction treatment programs that address many different substance use disorders. With a wide variety of therapy methods at our disposal, patients are able to evaluate their situation from a clinical standpoint, so they can heal and recover.

If you are looking to overcome an addiction, call Legacy Healing Center Pompano at 954-388-8029 today.

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