Legacy Healing Center MAT Drug Rehab in Pompano

MAT Drug Rehab in Pompano

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Medication-Assisted Treatment for Addiction Recovery

For anyone entering into a drug rehab program, the first step is to remove the substances, whether it be drugs or alcohol, from your system through a detoxification process. Depending on what substances you use, the amount and the duration you have used will change your detox process and the withdrawal symptoms you experience. The use of medication for detox has significantly improved the detox process for patients of Pompano while maintaining their safety throughout the entire process. Withdrawal symptoms can become life-threatening or produce severely unpleasant symptoms. The use of medication will ease those symptoms and give you the freedom to maintain a quality of life that won’t have you experiencing uncomfortable symptoms or prevent you from going out and enjoying life. Medication-Assisted Treatment or MAT drug rehab is monitored by physicians and nurses and is constantly reassessed to ensure your needs are met and your well-being is maintained.

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Benefits of MAT

People looking into participating in a MAT drug rehab program want to know how it can benefit their drug detox and rehab programs. You have your own goals for your sobriety and want to know that your drug rehab method will fit those needs and parameters. While MAT provides patients with medication to support detox and withdrawal management, the key to a successful MAT is behavioral and emotional therapy coupled with medication provided.

  • Participating in a MAT program provides patients with the following benefits:
  • Patients’ survival rate increases as well as long-term sobriety
  • Decrease in the number of drugs or alcohol used.
  • Easy accessibility to therapeutic supports within the treatment center from Legacy’s onsite, 24/7 staff.
  • Decrease in severity of withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings
  • A safe, secure environment to remove the harsh chemicals from your system without the influence of potential triggers in your home environment.
  • Therapeutic measures are employed to help you heal the underlying causes that have been negatively affecting your addiction.
  • Increase patients’ ability to maintain employment or remain in school.

Medications Used in MAT

Through a MAT program, the following medications are commonly used:

  • Methadone: This medication reduces the severity of withdrawal symptoms when coming off of an opioid and significantly reduces the severity of drug cravings. Methadone works to block the receptors in the brain that will feel the effect of euphoria often felt from opioids.
  • Suboxone (Buprenorphine); Suboxone will diminish the severity of your drug cravings and keep your withdrawal symptoms to a minimal level that you can withstand without discomfort.
  • Naltrexone: Often used to curb the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol and opioids to decrease the severity of symptoms. Naltrexone blocks the receptors in the brain that produce a euphoric effect or feeling of intoxication.

MAT Combined With Therapy Creates Effective Addiction Treatment

While the use of medications is essential in helping you manage the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, that is merely the first step in a successful recovery. Most individuals living with addiction have underlying emotional reasons and ties to their dependence beyond physical dependency. That is why it is crucial to do the necessary therapeutic work to find out what you have been burying inside and trying to mask with drugs to cope.

Through comprehensive and holistic therapeutic approaches, you will gain insight into the emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that have impacted your addiction. As you progress through therapy, you will learn new coping methods and tools to use when you leave addiction treatment and return home. Life’s ups and downs will still happen even when you are in recovery. The most important thing is that you are equipped to handle any situation with effective and healthy coping tools without turning to drugs to cope or self-medicate.

MAT Drug Rehab at Legacy Healing Center

Residents of Pompano trust the caring staff at Legacy Healing Center to provide them with a drug rehab program that respects each patient’s need for individual care when entering into a MAT drug rehab program. With the support of a highly qualified medical team, you can rest assured that the compassionate staff at Legacy will provide you with a quality MAT drug rehab plan that will have you excited for your newfound way of life in sobriety. If you want to find out more about how and when you can begin your journey to wellness and recovery, contact our friendly staff at 888.534.2295 today.