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MAT Drug Rehab Long Island

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The Best MAT Drug Rehab for Long Island Residents

Medication-assisted treatment, also commonly referred to as MAT, consists of a combination of therapy as well as medication. Many people who struggle with addiction don’t realize that they also suffer from some form of mental illness. It’s not uncommon for a person who has an addiction to drugs or alcohol to combat issues with depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder. MAT drug rehab in Long Island provides you with access to the resources you need to focus on managing the impact of both of these conditions in your life.

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What Is MAT Drug Rehab?

A MAT drug rehab in Long Island allows you to address the issues surrounding your addiction and any possible mental health concerns. When you initially reach out to our team about medication assisted treatment in Long Island, we will better explain what you can expect during your time at our MAT drug rehab and address any questions you have. Remember, our team is available around the clock to speak to anyone considering coming to our MAT drug rehab in Long Island.

The Importance of MAT Drug Rehab

Although sobriety is always a good thing, the impact of sobriety can be difficult for a person to manage at times, especially if they are also grappling with a co-occurring disorder. Through using certain medications, specifically during the first few days and weeks of your recovery, we will help you better manage how you feel so you can remain focused on your overall goals for your recovery.

Who Needs MAT Drug Rehab

Any person working through the impact of both addiction and a mental illness can benefit from a medically assisted treatment plan. Participating in a MAT program can help provide you with a better quality of life and, as a result, give you the structure and the care you need to focus on tackling your addiction and living the life of sobriety that you’ve always dreamt of having.

Some who reach out to our facility have concerns about participating in a MAT program because they mistakenly believe that they are substituting one substance for another. The truth is that, when utilized in the right way and under the proper medical guidance, certain medications can be beneficial in your overall recovery.

Finding the Right Rehab Program

In order to give yourself the best opportunity to overcome your addiction and get the medical care you need, it’s critical that you find the right rehab program for you. At Legacy Healing, we consistently go above and beyond to provide you with the physical and emotional support that you need during this transition in your life.

Benefits of MAT Rehab at Legacy Healing Center

When you come to Legacy Healing Center for MAT drug rehab in Long Island, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you will be surrounded by a team of experienced addiction experts who can walk you through every aspect of your recovery. Whether you have attempted a rehab program at another facility or this is your first time trying medication assisted treatment in Long Island, you will be met with nothing short of the personalized care you need and deserve as you make this monumental change in your life.

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