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Best MAT Drug Rehab for Miami Residents

Drug and alcohol detox is the process your body goes through to remove addictive substances from your system before drug rehab. At Legacy Healing, we offer MAT drug rehab in Miami to help safely and effectively manage your withdrawal symptoms. Our expert medical staff will be able to clarify exactly how long you will need to remain in detox and tell you exactly what to expect, as each drug affects the body differently.

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What Is Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)?

During MAT, our medical professionals will administer prescription doses of specific medications that can help ease your withdrawal symptoms. This is combined with behavioral therapy and counseling in a whole-patient approach to healing. Dual diagnosis treatments may also begin at this time if you have a co-occurring mental health issue.

Benefits of MAT Drug Rehab

The benefits of a MAT drug rehab program include:

  • Not suffering unnecessarily as the drugs leave your body.
  • Having professionals nearby 24/7 to ensure you remain supported, safe, and comfortable.
  • Therapy and counseling provide emotional support and help you begin the rehab process.
  • Remaining in our facility through detox keeps you away from substances and enablers when you have the temptation to relapse.
  • MAT improves patient survival rates and treatment retention.

Medications Used in MAT

Common medications used in MAT include:

  • Methadone – reduces opioid withdrawal symptoms and cravings, and diminishes euphoric opioid highs
  • Buprenorphine – reduces opioid cravings and minimizes uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms
  • Naltrexone – used for opioid and alcohol addiction, it blocks euphoric and sedating feelings that contribute to addiction
  • Disulfiram – causes unpleasant symptoms if you drink alcohol to reinforce abstinence after detoxing
  • Acamprosate – does not prevent alcohol withdrawal symptoms but will help you avoid alcohol use after detoxing

Common Myths About MAT

Many common myths are circulating about what MAT is and does, including:

  • MAT requires a certain level of addiction to be useful
  • MAT can cause a new addiction while getting rid of the old addiction
  • MAT increases the risk of overdosing
  • Insurance plans won’t cover MAT
  • MAT will hinder the recovery process
  • There is no proof that MAT is beneficial
  • MAT only works for a short period of time

The truth is that MAT is an evidence-based treatment plan that can be tailored to suit any patient, no matter their level of addiction. With the proper doses during MAT drug rehab in Miami, tapering schedule and medical oversight will not create a new habit as you recover.

Since 2013, Medicaid FFS programs have been covering certain forms of MAT using methadone, and your insurance provider will be able to tell you what programs and medications they will cover.

MAT is endorsed by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, and other agencies because it reduces mortality and assists patients by improving quality of life and stress management skills, bridging the behavioral and biological components of addiction.

Legacy Healing Center Provides Patient-Centered Alcohol and Drug Rehab for Miami Residents

At Legacy Healing, we offer a customized range of drug rehab treatments at our MAT drug rehab in Miami that best suit your individual needs, from MAT detox to behavioral therapy, 12-step programs, career services, nutrition and fitness coaching, and transition assistance. Our experts on staff will teach you healthy coping strategies, and through meditation, spirituality, mindfulness, and creativity, you will be able to overcome challenges outside of rehab.

Our inpatient program for Miami residents will provide you with a minimum of 25 hours per week of clinical treatment. Our flexible outpatient programs offer a minimum of nine hours per week, scheduled around your work or other vital responsibilities. Through our holistic treatment methods and our core values of integrity, commitment, and compassion, we will help you with your addiction as you heal your mind, body, and spirit. Call us today at 888.534.2295 to learn more about our MAT drug rehab in Miami.