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Outpatient Drug Rehab Orlando

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Top Rated Outpatient Drug Rehab Orlando

For Orlando area residents in need of outpatient drug rehab in Orlando, choosing a rehab center will be critical. If you are looking for help for yourself or an addicted loved one, we urge you to check out all the great things Legacy has to offer. From our caring counselors to our extensive medical monitoring during detox, everything we do is designed to help you heal, not only your body but your mind, your spirit, and your soul as well. Now is the time to get going, and all it takes to begin is a single act of outreach.

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What Is Outpatient Drug Rehab?

When you are addicted to drugs, the rest of your world stops, but that does not mean the rest of society ceases to move forward. No matter what you are going through, you still need to work, earn a living, and take care of your kids, making getting help difficult.

It is with this realization in mind that we have created our innovative outpatient drug rehab program. This highly flexible form of treatment allows Orlando area residents to get the treatment they need without putting their family’s needs on hold or putting their employment at risk. With outpatient drug rehab in Orlando, residents can enjoy the best of worlds, giving them a new lease on life and helping them beat back the addiction they have been struggling so hard to overcome.

What Happens in Outpatient Drug Rehab?

If you have never been through outpatient drug rehab before, you may not know what to expect, but you should not let that stand in the way. At Legacy Healing, we want you to be fully informed, and that is why our caring counselors are always standing by to take your questions and field your calls.

When you embark on your outpatient drug rehab journey, you will have the full support of those counselors and our medical team. We will design a treatment program that works with your addiction, one custom-tailored to your needs, and will help you preserve your relationships, employment, and everything else important to you and your life.

PHP Drug Rehab Orlando

There are many approaches to outpatient drug rehab, and the one that works best for you is the one that meets your needs in the most effective manner. For many Orlando area residents, that correct approach is the partial hospitalization program or PHP.

This innovative and highly effective outpatient treatment is flexible, customizable, and designed to meet your needs. Our PHP can provide you with the best of both worlds with the structure and support of an inpatient program and the flexibility and freedom of an outpatient program.

IOP Drug Rehab Orlando

If you are looking for the effectiveness and benefits of inpatient treatment in an outpatient model, our intensive outpatient program or IOP could be the perfect solution. This short-term program is intensive, giving you insight into the root causes of your addiction along with the tools you need to turn your life around.

We invite you to check out the IOP and all it offers, and now is the time to get started. Just ask our caring counselors how IOP can turn your life around and help you overcome your longstanding addiction.

Outpatient Rehab Orlando

The outpatient approach to drug rehab can be remarkably effective, especially if you need freedom and flexibility in overcoming addiction. For Orlando area residents who are ready to turn their lives around but not prepared to turn their lives upside down, this approach can be smart, powerful, and above all, effective.

Benefits of Outpatient Drug Rehab

There are many benefits of outpatient drug rehab for Orlando area residents and their loved ones, including:

  • The freedom to work and go to school
  • You can enjoy the support of your home and family
  • Outpatient treatment allows clients to stay where they are – no travel required
  • Outpatient treatment is often more affordable

If you are ready to enjoy these benefits for yourself, now is the time to get started. Just pick up the phone and give us a call at 888.534.2295 today.