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Choosing the Right Oxycodone Rehab Center

When you are experiencing drug addiction to oxycodone, you often get there due to ongoing medical concerns that require pain management. You turn to your doctor for relief methods and are prescribed opioids as a way to manage your pain. While your doctor has no ill intention of getting you addicted to drugs, the power of prescription opioids can easily creep up on you. Before you know it, you have become physically dependent on them, which will require an oxycodone rehab program to provide you with the therapeutic support to find out what has been fuelling your addiction. Often, those suffering from an addiction have turned to substances to cope with unpleasant and traumatic feelings or memories.

Through our evidence-based approaches to drug rehab treatment, you will gain the knowledge of effective emotional regulation through methods of mindfulness and emotional awareness. Our clinical counselors utilize various forms of therapy that will look deeper into your emotions and thought processes and examine how those affect your behaviors with therapeutic methods of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).

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Signs of Oxycodone Addiction

You may recognize that your oxycodone use has become an increasing concern or have witnessed a loved one use oxycodone more often and wonder if it is time to seek addiction support through oxycodone rehab.

  • Common signs that it may be time to look into an oxycodone drug rehab are:
  • Needing to use more oxycodone to reach the same desired effect.
  • Relationships with friends and family have changed and become distant because of the use of oxycodone.
  • Difficulty following through on obligations with work, school, or family.
  • Having the desire to stop using or have thoughts of quitting but not having the ability to do so.
  • Experiencing hallucinations when ceasing use.
  • Going to multiple doctors to receive an oxycodone prescription, also known as doctor shopping.
  • The users’ life becomes consumed with thoughts of using, obtaining more oxycodone and using oxycodone.
  • Continued use of oxycodone even when adverse side effects happen in different aspects of one’s life.

When To Go To Oxycodone Rehab

There is no set timeline of when it is appropriate to enter into an oxycodone rehab. It is dependent on the person, and, more often than not, you will know when it is time to address your addiction within yourself. If you have begun to notice that your life has started to dramatically change since your use of oxycodone and you are beginning to notice you cannot function or start your day without using, it may be time to seek help for your oxycodone addiction. If you are considering if it is the right time for you to seek help for your oxycodone addiction, contact one of the friendly staff members at Legacy Healing today to find out the most suitable option for your addiction treatment program.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Oxycodone Rehab Center

For patients that need intensive support from on-site staff while getting the opportunity to remove themselves from the environment that fuelled their addiction, choosing an inpatient program would suit you best. While you reside in our residential inpatient rehab, your days will consist of individual and group therapy sessions that will help provide you with the emotional clarity and breakthroughs you need to maintain your sobriety. You will receive exceptional care from our clinical counselors, psychiatrists, and medical team to ensure that you will heal- mind, body, and soul.

West Palm Beach residents have found that the flexibility in our outpatient rehab programs has not only provided them with the emotional healing needed to move away from a life of addiction but with the freedom to maintain the responsibilities of work and home life at the same time. Outpatient rehab allows you to come to the treatment center for therapeutic sessions while allowing you the freedom to return home at night.

Choosing Legacy for Oxycodone Rehab

At Legacy Healing, we believe that to heal from an oxycodone addiction, you need a holistic approach to treatment that will help you redefine your way of life. You will learn critical methods of managing triggering situations through natural forms of self-regulation rather than turning to drugs as a means of self-medicating. With the care and support from our compassionate counselors and on-site staff, you will be empowered to see the change and potential within yourself. Contact Legacy Healing Center today at 888.534.2295 to find out how you can free yourself from the binds of oxycodone addiction and enter into a life full of passion and happiness again.