Steps to Overcoming an Amphetamine Addiction

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Legacy Healing has an Amphetamine Addiction Detox Program to help addicts overcome their substance abuse.

Amphetamine abuse is one of the more common, but less talked about drugs abused across the world. There are currently more than 25 million individuals abusing, or possibly struggling with amphetamine addiction.

If you are unsure of what an amphetamine is, it is a prescription, stimulant drug that not only works up the central nervous system but is also addictive, giving off feelings of euphoria.

Up next we will be discussing types of amphetamine abuse and what to do if someone is suffering from amphetamine addiction.

Amphetamine Use

Since amphetamines are addictive, using them can quickly lead to dependence and even tolerance. When someone develops a tolerance to a substance, every time they use it they need more to reach the same feeling they first felt, or want to feel.

In the case of amphetamine addiction, an individual who takes large doses of it can have serious side effects when trying to stop because of changes in the brain and physical dependence.

If you believe that you or someone you know may be struggling with an addiction to amphetamine, it’s important to assess the use. Whether it’s you, or someone you care about, admitting there is a problem can sometimes be the hardest part.

Being able to assess realistically the problem can help in the process of getting better. The best questions to ask are:

How much time do you spend on your habit?

How much money do you spend on your habit?

Once you have answered these questions, the reality can be accepted. Whether a lot of money is being spent or time is being lost, realizing there is a problem can then be accepted and behavior changes can begin to happen.

At some point, it may be time to look into getting help, and this can be in the form of a treatment center. Withdrawing from amphetamine addiction can be severe and difficult, which is why it should be done in a medical facility where around the care help is available.

A few withdrawal symptoms may include:

• Thoughts of suicide
• Anhedonia
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Increase in appetite
• Lethargy
• Desire to sleep
• Seizures
• Cardiac arrest
• Cravings from mild to severe
• Hallucinations
• Psychosis
• Coma in rare cases

Due to the severity of some of the withdrawal symptoms, finding help from a detox center is often recommended. During this process, the individual is not only evaluated but also monitored during the entire process to make sure that they are safe and in the least pain possible.

The better an individual does in a detox program, the better the outlook on staying sober is. Although a detox program is the most recommended, there are other options to help individuals struggling with amphetamine addiction.

Help for Amphetamine Addiction

Individuals struggling with an amphetamine addiction first have to accept there is a problem, and then motivate themselves to make a change. Once this has been done, professional help can be of great service.

This can first be done by speaking to a medical doctor to help decide which is the best method for the individual. It’s important to note that because of patient confidentiality laws, these individuals can rest easy knowing that their conversation with their doctor is in confidence.

Some options that the medical doctor may suggest are:

Medications that help in the reduction of amphetamine use: this means that the individual is prescribed certain medications such as Naltrexone or Bupropion to help reduce the use of amphetamine.

Speak with a Psychologist: getting psychological help can help reduce or even eliminate substance abuse. Oftentimes this sort of treatment is in the form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which helps change thinking and behaviors.

Support Groups: If getting help in a detox center isn’t possible, there will be a support group in the area. These groups meet and offer support to other individuals going through similar situations. These groups can also lead those struggling in the right direction to finding more help.

No matter the severity, addiction can be turned around with the right help and support. Make sure to check out the Legacy Healing Center blog to learn more about amphetamine addiction, and how to overcome addictive substances.

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