how to get someone into rehab

Tips on How to Get Someone Into Rehab

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Find out how to get someone into rehab by setting up an intervention.

It isn’t easy to watch a friend or family member struggle with addiction, and it may raise the question of how to get someone into rehab.

While rehab may seem like a logical and crucial step to help an addict break free of drugs or alcohol, in some cases, the person in the midst of addiction can’t even see that help is needed. He or she may think everything is under control and that the addiction isn’t destroying their life.

In these situations, it is helpful to learn as much as you can about the detox and rehabilitation process, and also learn tips on how to convince someone to go to rehab. Let’s take a look at a few different scenarios:

You Can Consider an Intervention

In certain cases, preparing and holding an intervention can be life-saving for the person who is dealing with an addiction issue. And knowing how to properly hold an intervention can ensure the atmosphere doesn’t feel like you are forcing someone into rehab.

First, you will need to create a team of friends, family members, employers, clergymen, or whoever else is concerned and cares for the person who is addicted. If you feel more comfortable having a professional interventionist or addiction specialist help you, this is also an option.

With the help of your interventionist and group of caring friends, family, etc., you will decide on a time to all sit down with the person struggling with addiction and voice your cares and concerns openly and honestly.

Interventions aren’t a time to get angry, heated, or accuse and air out grievances. Rather, consider this a time to express how much you love and are concerned for the individual, and using specific examples, express how their addiction habits are affecting their life and the lives of those around them.

With an intervention, you aren’t forcing someone into rehab but rather are opening their eyes to what is really happening and letting them know they are loved and people want to help them get better.

An intervention is typically done in conjunction with a rehabilitation center that has an opening ready so that if the intervention is successful, your friend and loved one can immediately begin detox and rehab.

You Can Have Someone Involuntary Committed

Another example of how to get someone into rehab is by going the route of involuntary commitment. You should know going into this journey that it isn’t a quick or easy solution and that some states in the U.S. do not even allow involuntary commitment to rehab.

In many states, however, this process is often called court-ordered rehab, as it is the court that is sentencing the individual be placed in a rehabilitation center.

Involuntary commitment typically is approved when there is solid evidence that the person struggling with addiction is a danger to themselves or the lives of others.

If you are noticing harmful or dangerous behaviors, be sure to keep detailed records, as this evidence may need to be used at a later time to ensure this individual gets help.

Whatever path you choose, keep in mind that determining how to convince someone to go to rehab is never easy. Each situation is unique and you need to choose a time when the person is in a calm state of mind, preferably when not high on any substances.

Working with an interventionist or addiction specialist can also help you learn how to set boundaries and consequences when it comes to the person living with addiction.

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