Legacy Healing Center Top Five Films About Addiction and Recovery

Top 5 Films About Addiction and Recovery

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Inspiring Films About Addiction and Recovery

There have been countless movies about addiction and recovery. Whether or not you’re a movie enthusiast, watching these top five movies about addiction and recovery can help you work through the issues you’re having with this terrible disease. Here are some examples of the top five movies about addiction and recovery that you should consider watching:

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1. When Love is Not Enough

Many people know the story of Bill W., the man who founded and developed Alcoholics Anonymous. However, do you know the story of his incredible wife, Lois? “When Love is Not Enough” focuses on Lois’s realization that although she loved her husband more than anything, her love was not enough to save him from alcohol addiction. Although Bill W. ultimately did find his own recovery path, this movie shares the story about Lois realizing that she had to develop her own path and system of support if she was going to continue her relationship with her husband.

2. Rachel Getting Married

Anne Hathaway stars in this poignant movie that revolves around a woman choosing to return home for her sister’s wedding. Hathaway’s character has struggled with drug addiction and, in turn, has been in and out of drug rehab for the better half of a decade. From family stress to scenes of NA meetings, this film received countless positive reviews for its subject matter.

3. 28 Days

Sandra Bullock stars in this 2000 movie which revolves around a newspaper columnist who needs to decide whether she will go to jail or drug rehab for 28 days after crashing a limo at her sister’s wedding. She decides to go to drug rehab for addiction treatment and goes on a journey of self-discovery. This movie is categorized as a comedy; however, it does shed some excellent insight into the process of addiction treatment and recovery.

4. Rocketman

Everyone knows the name “Elton John.” While Elton John is widely known for his incredible contribution to music, many people may not know that although he was very successful, he struggled with addiction throughout his career. In fact, in the opening scene of this movie, John walks off the stage during a performance and goes directly to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Fans of Elton John and those who have or are struggling with addiction are sure to enjoy this movie.

5. A Star is Born

This famous remake became an instant Hollywood hit. It explores the story of a musician who is struggling with his own substance abuse as he helps an up-and-coming singer. Although he was able to somewhat manage his addiction in his own way up to that point, he quickly realizes that his addiction has taken over his life so completely that his own career suffers. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were both widely acclaimed for their roles in this film.

These movies about addiction are a great start when needing the inspiration to begin a drug or alcohol rehab journey.

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