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Heroin Addiction Signs and Symptoms

Heroin use is an epidemic that is still running rampant in communities all over the United States. Its effects are highly dangerous with many losing their lives to it. When you are in the thick of your addiction and wanting to get help, it can feel like you are all alone and difficult to navigate where to turn to for help. With many people, connections to loved ones and support systems become strained as the hold heroin has taken over. The caring staff at Legacy Healing are ready for your call today to be the support you need to take you out from the dark cloud the heroin hangs over your head and bring you to a new place of light in sobriety at our Florida heroin rehab.

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Heroin Addiction Signs and Symptoms

Addiction is an isolating disease with many addicts distancing themselves from family and loved ones. Loved ones are left with growing concerns wondering from afar what is happening for that person. While it can be evident they are struggling, how can someone know that their family, significant other, or friend may be struggling with heroin use.

Some signs and symptoms to look out for that will indicate heroin use are:

  • Small pupils
  • Dramatic change in appearance- weight loss, track marks (if they are a needle user), grey skin
  • Volatile mood swings
  • Financial concerns- depletion of money, finding means to make money quickly, excessive borrowing of money
  • from banks, friends, or family
  • Strained relationships – distancing from once close relationships, increased arguments, and lack of
  • communication
  • Increase in health concerns
  • The ‘nod’- heroin users will appear to be sleepy going in and out of consciousness
  • Lack of personal hygiene
  • Nausea or vomiting- typically seen when someone is withdrawing from heroin

How to Help a Loved One Struggling With Heroin Addiction

Watching a loved one struggle with a heroin addiction can feel helpless as you watch life being drained from their eyes. Heroin is a powerful drug that takes hold of our loved ones, leaving family and friends behind wondering how they can help and intervene.

When someone is struggling with addiction, most times, addicts feel an immense amount of shame about their drug use and actions they have taken while under the influence to obtain their next fix. Showing care towards your loved one and providing options for treatment is a great first step. Living in active addiction is isolating and hard to comprehend a way out of it alone. Giving the gift of recovery and encouraging your loved one to access treatment is the best gift you can give. If you want to learn more about getting your loved one help by entering into Legacy Healing’s heroin rehab program, contact us today to support your loved one in changing their life.

What to Expect in Heroin Rehab

Choosing to enter into heroin rehab in Florida leaves many with questions about what to expect when they get there and what the process will look like. Our supportive recovery team will complete your admission and give you the lay of the land and get you situated in your room.

As you spend your time with us, you will be invited to engage in various therapy formats that are designed to meet all of your emotional needs while you are working on healing yourself from the inside out. You will participate in individual, group, and family therapy. Addiction is a dynamic disease that affects all aspects of one’s life. By taking the time to heal individually, you will gain insight into the root emotional concerns that have led to your use. Group therapy will allow time for you to get to know and learn from other addicts who will provide feedback and guidance to one another. Learning to build healthy relationships with open communication is a crucial tool for your recovery once you leave treatment. Family relationships become strained at the height of addictions. Sitting down with your family to gain an understanding of how addiction has impacted them will help the family as a whole learn to communicate with one another again and begin to rebuild the family dynamics to a trusting level.

Heroin Detox and Withdrawal

Many have seen or heard about the discomforts that come on when you are withdrawing from heroin. Addicts fear the withdrawal process for the sickness that can come on. While your body heals, there will be some uncomfortable days but with the support of a medical team, your symptoms will be monitored and medication can be provided to help keep your body at ease. For your first 7 days, you will be in the detox program to ensure you get the support you need while you rid your body of heroin. Typically, the symptoms will begin to subside by day 5 and you will be ready to enter into full rehab programming after day 7.

Heroin Rehab at Legacy Healing Center

Leaving a heroin addiction behind and entering into a life of recovery requires self-introspection and therapeutic work. Our counselors at Legacy Healing Center will provide you with a holistic healing plan that tackles your addiction from all angles. Addiction is a multifaceted problem that affects many areas of one’s life. Our therapeutic team will help to uncover the emotional traumas of the past while helping you learn the skills for the future to stay on the path to recovery. Our team is ready to hear from you, day or night, to begin your first steps to the rest of your life. Call us at 888.534.2295 today.