Legacy Healing Center Top Rated Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center in Pompano

Top Rated Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center in Pompano

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Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

At Legacy Healing Center, we offer residents of Pompano a rehab program for alcohol and drug addiction that goes above and beyond the industry standard. Our mission and values are centered around treating our patients with compassion and understanding as you navigate your recovery process during outpatient addiction treatment. With our holistic treatment measures at our outpatient drug treatment center, you will begin to heal your body, mind, and soul from the bonds of addiction and rediscover who you are outside of your addiction.

We value our patients’ individual stories and experiences as they begin their rehab journey, which is why we take the time to get to know you through interviews and in-depth conversations coupled with various assessments. By gathering information on your medical background and history of drug and alcohol use, our expert staff of counselors and medical professionals will be able to create an individualized treatment plan that will be sure to mold into your lifestyle with ease and care.

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What Is Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

Outpatient addiction treatment at our outpatient drug treatment center in Pompano is specifically designed for patients who require flexibility to their rehab plan. You will have the option of attending our outpatient treatment center for both individual and group therapy sessions. Through these therapeutic processes, you will understand the thoughts and emotions that have impacted your addiction and uncover the root causes of your addiction. Our clinical team will work with you through evidence-based therapy models to teach you new, healthy ways of managing difficult or triggering emotions or situations that will keep you on the path to sobriety.

We know that our patients have busy lives with others counting on them to fulfill responsibilities that can’t always be put on hold as you enter addiction treatment. Outpatient allows you to attend the center throughout the week while giving you the freedom to return home at night. You have the option of participating in an intensive outpatient program (IOP) which will have you attend the outpatient alcohol treatment center a few times a week for therapy sessions and give you the ability to maintain your work schedule and family commitments. Others can opt to participate in a partial hospitalization program (PHP) that will have you attending the Pompano center during the day for the structured routine found in inpatient treatment while allowing you to return home in the evening.

Outpatient vs. Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Residents of Pompano that want to have the chance to remove themselves from the environment that impacted their addiction the most and remove any barriers to their success in sobriety can choose to participate in an inpatient addiction treatment program. You will reside within our facility for an extended period and have access to our compassionate staff 24/7.

Patients who have completed inpatient treatment and want support as they transition back into their home lives will sometimes opt to participate in our outpatient addiction treatment program at our outpatient alcohol treatment center. At the same time, others may choose outpatient as their first option for treatment for the flexible schedule that allows you to maintain your life’s commitments while doing the necessary work in changing your addictive patterns.

What Happens After Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

At Legacy Healing, we believe that when a patient enters our program, it is our responsibility to help ensure they have the support needed for as long as they need. Once you complete outpatient addiction treatment, you will be invited to participate in our aftercare programs, where you will continue to receive support from our counselors and alumni peers who are also experiencing the phases of early recovery like yourself. Aftercare extends far past emotional support; you will also be invited to participate in community activities with other sober alumni peers that will have you creating a solid group of supports while you experience the joys of living in sobriety.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment at Legacy Healing Center

At Legacy Healing Center, we believe addiction treatment is a continuum of care for patients. We are dedicated to helping you find success in your life in sobriety through consistent, holistic methods of healing in our outpatient and continuing care programs. Once you enter into our addiction treatment programs, you have become a member of the Legacy Healing community. A solid life in recovery is based on an active, supportive community working towards the same recovery goals as you. If you want to learn how to begin your journey with the Legacy Healing Center community, contact our friendly staff at 888.534.2295 today.