what happens when you get sober

What Happens When You Get Sober: Discover The Best Benefits

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Achieving sobriety doesn’t mean the battle with addiction is over.

What happens when you get sober? This is a common question asked by individuals who are struggling with addiction, or individuals who recreationally use substances but don’t realize that they have a problem. While substance abuse can be fun for many individuals, the long term effects on the mind and body can cause life long, life-altering changes on the body.

One of the best benefits of getting sober means that you are adding days to your life, unlike taking them away while using. Are you questioning your life with alcohol or substances?

Are you wondering what happens when you get sober and what changes will happen when you do so? Continue reading to learn about what sober living is like and what making some big changes can do for your overall wellbeing.

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The Best Benefits of Getting Sober Begin With…

Telling yourself that you can do it, and following through with it. Changing your life up by quitting drinking, smoking and using drugs may make you feel like you are stopping your social life but that isn’t always the case.

You may need to end certain toxic relationships but in general, the changes you make will be for the better.

Here are a few of the things that happen when you decide to get sober that you will grow to have a new appreciation for.

Friendships Will Be Tested: This can be one of the more difficult parts of getting sober, knowing that your friendships will be tested.

Deciding to get sober is a way to get rid of relationships that no longer suit because your values differ and at the same time find new friendships that are in line with your new goals and values.

Losing certain friendships can be very difficult, especially if you have spent a lot of time together over the years having fun together.

In general, individuals who tend to abuse alcohol and drugs, surround themselves with friends who do the same. The true friendships will stand tall but you can trust that certain friendships will be forgotten and others will be grown but always in line with your standards and values.

Going Out To Dinner Will Always Cost Less – What can I say, there is a beauty in spending less money while eating out. Not drinking when you’re out to dinner can save you a lot of money and this is what happens when you get sober, you will have more money.

This may mean that there will be a few awkward situations when it comes to paying because you must advocate for yourself and the amount of money that you owe. As a sober person, you should never be paying for someone else’s alcohol and once you have made this a point a few times, you shouldn’t have to continue pointing it out.

You’ll Have a New Clarity on Who You Are – getting sober can really help you get in touch with who you are and the things you like to do for entertainment. This may mean that you’re figuring out why you’re an introvert and before alcohol or other substances were your clutch to get you to be social.

You may realize that you’re interested in athletics and that the gym is your new favorite place. Whatever it is, things will be clearer because not only will your mind and body be healthier but you will be feeling better to get out there and try things that interest you.

Getting sober won’t be easy, many things about who you are will be tested but the outcome is beautiful. You will be able to find beauty in who you are because you no longer have substances to hide behind.

Everyone handles sobriety, and addiction, in different ways but there is nothing better than getting to know someone who has no other self to show you than their real self.

If you believe that a loved one or friend is having trouble maintaining their sobriety, speak to them about what you’re seeing and if all else fails, reach out to us for help today and call 954-994-2965 to speak with a treatment specialist.