What to Do When You Want to Drink

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Curious about what to do when you want to drink? Here are some tips from Legacy Healing Center.

Whether you are in a season of sobriety or if you are currently in alcohol addiction treatment, it’s important to know that having thoughts of drinking again is normal.

Many people in recovery from alcohol abuse have these thoughts on occasion, whether they are at a social event and wonder if they could have just one or two drinks, or if they are experiencing a really stressful time in life and their mind turns to drinking.

What is important to remember is that thinking about having a drink doesn’t have to turn into actually having a drink, as long as you have the right tools and resources at your disposal.

It doesn’t matter if someone has been sober for a week or ten years, there may come a time when they wonder how to stop alcohol cravings or thoughts about alcohol.

When these thoughts come sneaking in, you have to think about relapse as a life or death scenario, because it very well could be. If you have been working hard in rehab and then to maintain your sobriety, it is time to be vigilant and not let these thoughts overpower you and take control of your next steps.

So, if you have found yourself wondering what to do when you want to drink, here are a few things to keep in mind and arm yourself with when those thoughts come flooding in:

1. Remind yourself that your current season is temporary – Sometimes the desire to drink again hits when you are under a lot of stress. This stress can be from work, finances, health or relationship issues, a death in the family and so on.

It is during these times to remember that these are temporary situations, and any despair or frustration you are feeling is also going to improve. Try to remind yourself of those first few days or weeks when you were first in rehab or in recovery and how it felt like the situation was never going to improve.

But it did, and you know where you are now is because you stayed strong through the previous season.

2. Don’t skip meetings or counseling appointments – Another way to help stop alcohol cravings is to make sure you are regularly attending a support group or 12 step meetings and spending time with other people who are dealing with the same struggles.

If you haven’t been going to meetings the way you should be, or if you have isolated yourself from other people, these thoughts can begin to overwhelm you.

Instead, attend a meeting and share with others that you have been thinking about drinking again. You will surely find that you are not the only one with this struggle and will likely hear many stories, advice, and tips on how to stay sober.

The same initiative stands when it comes to attending therapy or counseling appointments. Having someone you can be open and honest with can be extremely helpful when you are having alcohol cravings and are trying to maintain your sobriety. Be honest about your feelings and share any stressful or emotional times you are experiencing.

3. Invest in yourself – Sometimes we tend to have more thoughts about a specific action or desire because we have time on our hands. One way to help maintain your sobriety is to invest in yourself by taking up a new hobby, class, or course that will help you grow personally or spiritually.

It can also keep our mind on positives things that will benefit us later on. If a new course or class is out of reach at the moment, pick up some self-help or inspirational books at your library, or watch inspirational videos on YouTube.

4. Keep your active addiction days in mind -There are things in life we think back on and romanticize, instead of looking back at these events with clarity.

Remember the struggles you faced when you were active in your addiction, how it impacted your life, your relationships, your health, etc. Don’t let the cunning disease of addiction trick you into remembering the facts incorrectly.

Keep your mind focused on staying sober, the life you are building right now, and the goals you want to achieve in the future – in your sobriety!

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