why does accreditation matter in addiction treatment

Why Does Accreditation Matter in Addiction Treatment?

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What Is Accreditation in Addiction Treatment?

The opioid epidemic has caused the addiction treatment industry to boom and also attracted many illegitimate rehab centers using improper marketing tactics. For those who suffer from drug or alcohol abuse, choosing the right program for you or a loved one has become even more overwhelming with the ever-growing number of treatment centers and rehab scams. Still, many accredited addiction treatment centers provide quality treatment, and it’s essential to understand why does accreditation matter in addiction treatment.

Substance abuse is not to be taken lightly. Finding the right treatment center could mean life or death or some. One way to help you simplify your search and ensure the proper program is to focus on drug rehab accreditation.

Accredited addiction treatment centers need to meet state licensure requirements, but some will go beyond and undergo the process of accreditation. There are no requirements for accreditation for a facility to operate, and at minimum, one should have a license from the Department of Children and Families (DCF). Certification from an agency means the facility has its seal of approval after undergoing a series of evaluations.

To become accredited and gain the respect of the agency, the drug rehab facility must open its therapy programs, drug rehab programs, and business records for review by a third party. The accrediting agency will thoroughly examine its client care, staff, safety programs, policies, and operations. Not only is accreditation lengthy, but it can be pretty expensive as well. They are also using therapeutic programs approved by the accrediting body, and this will help clients know that they are a trusted facility.

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Organizations That Provide Accreditation for Addiction Treatment Centers

The two central accrediting bodies for addiction treatment facilities are the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and the Joint Commission (formerly known as JCAHO). CARF is a nonprofit accrediting body that evaluates dual-diagnosis and addiction treatment programs. They have issued more than 25,000 accreditations across the US and Canada. The Joint Commission is the largest accrediting body for all types of medical facilities, and they have accredited more than 20,000 facilities.

Why You Should Look for an Accredited Addiction Treatment Center

With the number of treatment facilities that advertise online, it is hard to tell which are truthful and provide high-quality, evidence-based treatment, so potential patients need to know why does accreditation matter in addiction treatment. Choosing a rehabilitation program that has been accredited is a sure way to know you are at the right place. Accreditation is rigorous and ongoing, so clients know the facility provides modern and proven treatment. Other benefits include:

  • Safety: Accredited facilities are considered safer than non-accredited centers and ensure an environment that helps with recovery.
  • Quality care: Accrediting bodies require their facilities to offer high-quality care and treatment that meets their standards.
  • Insurance Reimbursement: Many insurance companies use accreditation to decide which treatment facilities they will reimburse for.
  • Quality Amenities: To keep up with accreditation, the facility must continue to put money into the facility, which ensures you will have the most comfortable accommodations and skilled staff.

Statistics About Accreditation and Addiction Treatment

A national survey on substance abuse treatment services found that 56.9% of rehab centers were not accredited facilities. CARF accredited 21.8% and the Joint Commission the remaining 19.2%. CARF conducted a survey that found that their accredited programs saw an increase of 26% in the number of patients they saw each year and a 37% increase in agreement to quality standards.

Accreditation at Legacy Healing Center

You will see why does accreditation matter in addiction treatment at Legacy Healing Center. We have been accredited the Gold Seal of Approval by the Joint Commission. Our evidence-based clinical process allows us to provide the best treatments, and our staff is committed to providing high-quality, safe care to every patient. Accreditation does not guarantee long-term recovery. Long-term recovery comes from the work and motivation the patient puts into themselves, but we can provide the best tools and supportive environment to help them achieve that.

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