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Throughout the country, there is a noticeable rise in the cases of Xanax addiction. Regardless of whether you first consumed Xanax because it was prescribed to you by a doctor or you took it in a recreational setting, over time and with consistent use, Xanax can take hold of your life and cause you to develop a dependence on the substance. When you’re ready to break free of your addiction and take back your life, the team at our Xanax rehab in Philadelphia is here to help you. We help you personalize a treatment plan that will help you conquer your addiction and learn about the benefits of living a healthy and sober life.

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What Is Xanax?

Xanax is an example of a prescription medication often prescribed to clients suffering from an anxiety disorder. Anxiety can make you feel like you don’t have any control over what you’re thinking or feeling. It could easily trigger a person to feel like they can’t breathe, start to shake, or have racing thoughts. Xanax can help to calm those feelings and make anxiety more manageable. However, if your Xanax use goes unchecked, it could easily lead to an addiction reasonably quickly.

Signs and Symptoms of Xanax Addiction

Is there a possibility that you or a loved one is struggling with a Xanax addiction and need to come to our Xanax rehab in Philadelphia? Here are some possible signs and symptoms often associated with this type of addiction:

  • Increased secretiveness or erratic behaviors
  • Anti-social tendencies
  • Problems with maintaining work responsibilities
  • Issues friends or family members
  • Health problems

Xanax Withdrawal Symptoms

One of the programs that we offer through our Xanax rehab in Philadelphia is a detox program. Detox is an essential part of your overall treatment plan because it will provide you with the professional detox care you need for these first seven days of your sobriety. Some examples of withdrawal symptoms can include:

  • Fatigue
  • Increased anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Shakiness
  • Stomach issues

There is always the possibility that you may feel more Xanax withdrawal symptoms during your time in detox or a combination of withdrawal symptoms, any of which could be potentially dangerous to your physical and psychological health.

The Importance of Medical Detox for Xanax Addiction

Many people are under the misconception that the best way to try to remove Xanax from your system is to stop taking it cold turkey. The reality is that this approach could trigger serious medical concerns, so we recommend taking advantage of our medical detox option. Medical detox will give you a better chance to work through the detox process with less stress and trauma to better focus on the steps you need to take to overcome your addiction.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Anxiety and Xanax Addiction

Suppose the reason why you were abusing Xanax was as a result of anxiety. In that case, we can help you to address your anxiety at our Xanax rehab in Philadelphia through our dual diagnosis program. Dual diagnosis treatment will provide you with the opportunity to address both your addiction as well as any mental health concerns in the same program. At our Xanax rehab in Philadelphia, we believe that the only way you will be able to complete treatment is by working through both of these issues in your life.

Why Choose Legacy Healing Center for Xanax Rehab in Philadelphia?

When you choose to come to our Xanax rehab in Philadelphia, you have the peace of mind of knowing that we will help you tackle your addiction to Xanax and help you address any underlying anxiety issues. We understand how crippling both addiction and anxiety can be in your life, which is why our team will always take extra steps to ensure you have the support you need as you begin to make these critical and healthy changes in your life. For more information about why we offer the best Xanax rehab in Philadelphia, please get in touch with us at 888.534.2295 today.